Friday, November 17, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 17

1975 France-Iraq agreement to build nuclear facility
1980 Iraq’s Susangard offensive failed after 3 days
1982 Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim announced Supreme Assembly of the Islamic
            Revolution in Iraq formed in Iran
1993 Iran reported 60,000 Iraqi refugees entered country after Saddam drained southern
2001 Wolfowitz wrote Rumsfeld that if any evidence found of Iraq involvement in
            9/11 US should act
2005 Congressman Murtha introduced resolution to withdraw US troops from Iraq
            saying war going badly
2005 Head of central criminal court in Baghdad Samarrie said special Inter Min forces
            didn't need arrest warrants or file court papers to detain people
2006 State Dept memo suggested US should pull back from Iraq and have same
            relationship as all other states
2006 State Dept memo argued against a surge in troops in Iraq to help quell violence
2015 VP Nujafi filed lawsuit to remain in office after Abadi dismissed vice presidents
2015 3 dozen protesters in Baghdad taken away by police Some beaten

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Security In Iraq, Nov 8-14, 2017

The greatly improved security environment continued for another week in Iraq. From Nov 8-14, there were less than 100 incidents, but the number of dead was very high due to another mass grave being discovered.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 16

1914 British forces attacked Ottomans in Zain, Basra
1918 UK commissioner for Iraq Arnold Wilson wrote that Iraqis were happy with British
1922 PM Gaylani’s second govt resigned
1930 Iraqi parliament ratified new Anglo-Iraq treaty ending British mandate but
            maintained British influence
1961 Mustafa Barzani asked for UN aid to Kurds
1980 Iraq sent letter to the Iran saying Baghdad was still following 1975 Algiers
            Accord on Shatt al-Arab and Tehran was violating it 
2004 Major fighting in 2nd Battle of Fallujah said to be over
2005 Cheney said people that claimed US lied about causes of Iraq war undermined the troops
2005 White House rebutted NYTimes editorial that questioned pre-war WMD argument
            for Iraq war
2005 Sunni MP Falluji accused Iraqi forces of carrying out sectarian extra judicial killings
2006 Rumsfeld asked Gen Casey what was going on with National Police Casey
            said training was doing good but not their performance
2014 IS posted video of execution of American aid worker Peter Kassig

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ninewa Politicians Settling Scores Rather Than Governing & Rebuilding

As soon as Mosul was liberated in July 2017, the Ninewa council moved against Governor Nufal Hamadi al-Akub. It took four months, but Akub was eventually removed from office. Similar situations have played out in other provinces that were once occupied by the Islamic State where politicians have decided to settle their scores after liberation. The problem is that these local officials should be restoring governance and rebuilding Ninewa, but instead are vying for power.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 15

1914 British troops began attack on Ottomans in Basra City
1924 Frontier Commission started demarcating border between Iraq and new nation of Turkey
1971 Baath issued Charter for National Action to try to draw Communists into govt
1986 Saddam told aides US wanted to keep Iraq and Iran balanced Was reason why US
            sold weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra scandal
2000 UK Foreign Office report Saddam felt like he was winning in breaking down sanctions
2001 Powell told Blair that after Afghanistan Right in US would push for bombing Iraq
2002 US asked UK and other allies for military support against Iraq
2002 Saudi Amb to US Bandar visited Bush Said Saudis wanted to know US intentions on Iraq
2002 Bush told Saudi Amb Bandar he would tell Saudis if he decided on war with Iraq
2003 CPA and Iraqi Governing Council agreed to return sovereignty to Iraq early by July 1 2004
2003 Pentagon claimed UnderSecDef Feith’s intel unit on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties was
            authorized by intel community but it wasn’t
2004 Heavy gun battles break out in Baquba Diyala between insurgents and US forces
2005 PM Jaafari admitted that prisoners found by US forces at secret prison in Baghdad were
2005 Interior Min Gen Kamal claimed abuse done by inexperienced police and would lead
            to reform within ministry
2005 Secret prison was actually one of many run by Badr Interior Min forces throughout
2005 28 Sunni men found shot in head in Jasan Diyala near Iranian border
2006 Amb Khalilzad said Maliki should be given more control over Iraqi forces and
            US should push him towards reconciliation
2006 White House staff began first day of Iraq strategy review
2007 Maliki said referendum on Kirkuk’s future would be held on this date Didn’t happen

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Iraq’s Dilemma What To Do With Kirkuk’s Oil?

The Iraqi federal government recently asserted control over Kirkuk province, which had been run by the Kurds since 2003. That included taking several oil fields such as Bai Hassan and Avana that the Peshmerga seized in 2014 when they were abandoned by the North Oil Company in the face of the advancing Islamic State. Prime Minister Haidar Abadi now wants to diversify the outlets for the province’s petroleum, and has the Oil Ministry exploring several options.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 14

1963 Baath Sec Gen Sadi said 8 Baathist leaders had been ousted and that he was returning to
            Baghdad with Syrian Baathists
1980 Iraq offensive to take Susangard, Iran started
1991 Kurds announced tentative deal with Saddam to end blockade of Kurdistan in return for
            Peshmerga withdrawing from cities
1998 Iraq agreed to work with weapons inspectors after US threatened attack
2001 Def Policy Board head Perle speech at For Policy Research Institute Said Iraq behind 9/11
            and should be attacked
2001 Cheney said he knew 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraq intelligence in Prague in 2001
2002 UK For Sec Straw told cabinet UN Resolution 1441 authorized military action against Iraq
            without a 2nd resolution
2002 UK intel report said Iraq accepted new weapons inspectors to avoid US led attack
            and would continue to hide its most important WMD programs
2003 Japan decided to hold off deploying troops to Iraq due to rising violence
2003 South Korea ordered its 464 troops in southern Iraq to suspend operations due to rising
2003 Denmark rejected call to send 100 more troops to Iraq due to rising violence
2003 US army intel report said insurgency successfully preventing CPA from providing
            safe and secure Iraq
2003 US army intel report said US failing in Iraq because relying upon conventional
            military tactics and didn’t understand Iraqi culture
2003 US army intel report said insurgents were targeting tribal structure in Iraq while
            US ignoring it
2004 Insurgents kidnapped wounded police from Mosul hospital and dismembered
            them Led to ½ of city’s police to quit
2004 Iraqi police commandos sent into Mosul to recapture police stations after all
            but one fell to insurgents in city
2004 Report UN official Sevan accused of getting kickbacks from Iraq under Oil for
            Food Program Told his staff not to investigate corruption
2005 Pentagon’s Insp Gen announced investigation into Pentagon intel unit on Iraq-
            Al Qaeda ties to see whether it did anything illegal
2006 National Police arrested 159 people from Higher Educ Min in Baghdad who were
            never seen again presumed killed
2013 US Natl Counterterrorism Center testified to Congress that ISIS was strongest since
            its peak in 2006

Monday, November 13, 2017

Human Cost Of The Mosul Campaign

The Mosul campaign, which lasted from October 2016 to July 2017 was the largest and most important battle against the Islamic State in Iraq. The fighting was some of the most intense the world had seen in decades, and broke the back of the militants as a conventional force that held territory in the country. The human toll was tremendous as well, and likely never to be fully accounted for due to Iraqi government censorship on casualties. Based upon daily media coverage from over 40 sources, along with human rights and United Nations reports a rough total can be estimated.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 13

1929 PM Sadoun shot himself due to criticism he faced over his performance
1963 Baath National Guard commander Wandawi began bombing Rasheed Camp
            while Guard rampaged through Baghdad
1963 Baath Sec Gen Sadi said party run by new 15 member council headed by Bakr
1981 UN Resolution 36/27 again criticized Israel’s destruction of Osirak nuclear
            reactor and said Israel should pay for damages
1982 Saddam ran informal referendum backed by pro-Saddam marches
1986 Rev Command Council meeting believed Israel was behind Reagan selling
            weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra scandal
1991 Saddam replaced Interior Minister Ali Hassan al-Majid with Wathban
            Ibrahim Hassan
1997 Iraq expelled US members of UN weapons inspectors accusing them of being spies
2002 Iraq accepted UN Resolution 1441 to allow UN weapons inspectors
2002 Blair said that goal of resolution was disarming Iraq not regime change
2002 Blair told UK cabinet that 1441 meant military action could be taken against
            Iraq in case of violations without a 2nd resolution
2003 US forces launched Op Iron Hammer to hunt down insurgents in Baghdad
2005 US forces found 173 prisoners in secret prison in Baghdad run by Badr unit of
Interior Ministry Prisoners were tortured
2005 18 Sunni men found handcuffed blindfolded and shot in Baghdad
2006 Bush met Iraq Study Group Said Iraq part of ideological struggle in world
            Said US needed to back Maliki
2006 Iraq Study Group didn’t think Bush knew what victory in Iraq meant besides
2006 Iraq Study Group met with US Cmdr Iraq Gen Casey who said Iraqis had to
            eventually take control of own affairs
2006 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey told Iraq Study Group that sectarian violence
            problem in Iraq but Maliki only talked about Baathists
2006 Iraq Study Group met CIA Dir Hayden who said Maliki govt only talked about
            Baathists not sectarian violence
2006 CIA Dir Hayden told Iraq Study Group stable and democratic Iraq may not be
2013 Fallujah’s mayor killed by a sniper

Sunday, November 12, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 12

1914 British forces in Fao launched reconnaissance in force near Salhan, Basra
1927 Kurdish MP Rowanduzi said Shiites and Kurds both opposed govt conscription
1963 Baath founder Aflaq went to Iraq to solve internal Baath dispute Led to removal of
most leaders of 63 coup and rise of Arif within military
1968 68 coup member Nasir al-Hani special adv to Pres Bakr assassinated
1997 UN Resolution 1137 demanded Iraq allow full and unhindered weapons inspections
1997 Wall St Journal OpEd by David Wurmser called for US supporting INC and revolt in Iraq
1998 Iraq Amb to UN told military strike impending if did not agree to work with
            weapons inspectors again
2001 INC presented Iraqi defector Lami who claimed Iraq training terrorists at Salman
            Pak and had anthrax
2002 CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Franks said if US didn't act on Iraq it could acquire and
            use a nuclear weapon
2002 Lord Goldsmith told Foreign Sec Straw that he wasn't sure UN Resolution 1441
            would give legal basis for war with Iraq
2002 Straw told Goldsmith he thought 1441 meant Iraq had to comply or else
2002 NYTimes article claimed Iraq bought anti-WMD drugs as sign that it had WMD
            and was going to use it
2003 Zarqawi bombed Italian police in Nasiriyah killing 19 Italians 15 civilians and
wounding around 100
2003 Bush decided US should turn over sovereignty to Iraq early against CPA plan
2004 Marines attacked southern Fallujah 2nd Battle of Fallujah
2004 Sec of State Powell told Bush and Blair weren’t enough ground forces in Iraq
            to secure country
2005 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey told Rumsfeld Iraq might take 9-13 yrs

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